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The Veridian Group, Inc.

The Veridian Group was formed out of a partnership called The Design Eye Group. (That name lives on in another life in architectural and environmental design research). The Veridian Group began in 1990 and was incorporated in 1999. The company's principle activities fall into four groups. The first is research - in this capacity we conduct research for both private and public clients. We have written successful grants and participated in research teams with several prestigious universities and private companies. Our second focus is on consulting - in this sphere we perform studies and analyses, and provide reports and recommendations to our clients. Our third concentration is in forensic psychology - here we serve as expert witnesses for both plaintiff and defense in both civil and criminal litigation. Finally, we are engaged with other partners in a start-up business known as DrivingLab. DrivingLab works with the developers and users of driving simulators to enhance the research, assessment, and training potential of such simulators with a principle focus on drivers at risk - older and younger drivers, and those with cognitive impairments due to age, illness, or injury. More information about DrivingLab can be found here

In everything we do, the goals of The Veridian Group are to enhance the human experience through safer, more comfortable, and more productive interactions with technology, to reduce the risk of error and resultant accidents, and to minimize the consequences of accidents when they occur.