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Some of Our Work

  • Driver Fitness in Patients with Cognitive Impairment and Glaucoma
  • U.S. Version of the Stroke Drivers' Screening Assessment: A Pilot Study
  • Use of a Driving Simulator to Assess Older Adults' Critical Driving Skills
  • Assessment of Cognitively Impaired Persons who Wish to Resume Driving
  • Innovations in Low-Cost Simulation Technology for Training and Testing of "High Risk" Drivers
  • Interactive Driving Simulation as a Tool for Insight Development and Motivation in a Rehabilitation Setting
  • A "Blue Sky" Approach to Driver Qualification
  • Appropriate Simulator Technology for Driver Training, Licensing and Assessment
  • A Low-Cost Driving Simulator for Use in the Training of Police Officers
  • Edge Striping and Accident Reduction
  • Unobtrusive Measurement in Highway Safety Research
  • Remedial Aids for Adverse Weather
  • Highway Tunnel Operations and Safety
  • Guide Sign Effectiveness 
  • Organizational and Cultural Factors in Accidents
  • Whodunit? - Human Factors in the Courtroom
  • Hindsight Bias in Attribution of Crash Causes
  • An Enhanced Commentary Driving Technique 

Roadway Design/Traffic Safety/Research

  • Are we Training Operators Upside Down?
  • Human System Interface Design Review Guideline
  • Team Skills Training
  • Fitness for Duty Issues
  • Regulatory Requirements for Simulator Fidelity
  • Using Simulators as Evaluation Tools

Nuclear Industry

NASA/Apollo Program

​Driver Performance/Distraction

  • Crew Systems Input to Apollo 16 Post-Flight Evaluation
  • Space Shuttle Display/Control Subsystem
  • Apollo 13 Real-Time Emergency Procedures
  • Apollo 13 Crew Debriefing Summary
  • Development of a Rangefinder for Lunar Surface Use 
  • Instrument Use at Lunar Touchdown
  • Design of Guards for Critical LM Controls
  • Development of an International Warning Symbol for Radioactive Hazards
  • Creation of a User Interface for a Smart Phone Transparent Reader App
  • Using a Digital SLR as a Photometer (coming soon)

​​​​​Other Areas

High Risk and Cognitively Impaired Drivers

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